My Week In Pictures 31/17

My week in pictures

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the blogging world. I have been doing extra lessons with my students as the summer ballet exams are fast approaching which leaves time for little else. To be honest it’s been rather nice not racing around like a mad thing.

I met my friend for a walk on Thursday morning. We decided last week that we were going to motivate each other to exercise. Nothing crazy, but a little get together once a week for a walk. I know I exercise daily as part of my job but Wanda has recently retired and was in need of a little motivation and a companion to get moving. We took a walk around the historic Exeter Quayside and chatted all the way. What a great way to exercise without it feeling like hard work. We have already booked in our next date where I think we will walk a little further.

On Thursday afternoon I met up with my two friends Harry and Nick for a taste test for Rod and Ben‘s soups and hummus out at Bickham Farm. What a stunning place with wonderful 360 degree views of woodland and rolling hills. Goats (one of my all time favourite animals) were wondering free as well as THE cutest dog I have EVER seen! Can you tell I mean it?

Our job was to blind test numerous soups and a selection of dips. We had to give marks out of 5 for appearance, smell, texture and flavour. Our feedback can then be taken on board for future recipe tweaking. We did actually take our task very seriously although you wouldn’t know it from these photos!

After our taste testing, Rod kindly took us on brief tour of the farm which I really enjoyed.

Well, there you have it. Like I said, it’s been quiet but the restbite I needed. Next week life gets pretty manic again with two days of ballet exams, a trip to The Northcott Theatre to watch Ballet Central, a few coffee and lunch dates plus a special trip to Hotel Du Vin to experience their Twilight Package. This includes a spa treatment, use of their pool and a three course dinner with a glass of bubbly! Exciting stuff.

Enjoy your week everyone and keep tuned into Instagram and Twitter for more up to date news.

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