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It’s been a pretty quiet week if I am honest. I have been working in my summer job most days which hasn’t left time for much else. However I’ve had the opportunity in the evenings to do some writing so I’ve got a number of recipes and reviews in the pipeline for posting. I can’t wait to share them with you.

My friends Johanna and Charlotte popped over on Thursday evening for a drink and some nibbles before they headed out elsewhere. I made a delicious cocktail with Portobello Road gin that my sister had custom made for my Christmas present which was served with elderflower cordial and tonic. Johanna was in charge of nibbles and didn’t dissapoint.

On Friday I headed over to Cakeadoodledo, one of my favourite places for tea and cake in Exeter. I had a date with my friend Chantelle; a long overdue catch up. We nattered over tea and cake which is a favourite past time of mine as you know!

Friday night was pizza night with my gorgeous girlfriend Chloe. I had booked a table at The Flat, a vegetarian/vegan pizza restaurant that has a cool, laid back vibe. I love it there. To read a review from my last visit click here.

I was recently sent an E Book called “With Ballet In My Soul – Adventures of a globetrotting Inpresario” to read about a lady called Eva Maze. I plan to start reading it this weekend. It appealed to me because of the ballet and dance element which of course is close to my own heart. I am a fully qualified Royal Academy of Dance teacher and spend a massive part of my life in ballet studios. Here is a little bit more about the book. I will let you know my thoughts when finished.

‘A life spanning close to 100 years is noteworthy, if only because of its longevity. The rich life of a woman committed to a professional vision ahead of its time, filled with glamour, excitement, and adventure, is truly remarkable. Narrated in her own words, this is the story of such a woman, Eva Maze, who, from the time she left Romania as a teenager in 1939, dreamed of being a ballet dancer, and through a series a circumstances, became instead one of the most successful theatrical impresarios in Europe – with a career spanning more than 40 years.

Now in her nineties, Maze looks back at the path and passion that led her from Bucharest to the United States as an immigrant, and then, as a married woman, back again to Europe and Asia, where she found her professional calling.

 Set against key historical events of the 20th century, including the building of the Berlin Wall, the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, as well as the rise and fall of Pan American Airlines, Maze’s fascinating past is brought to life through a combination of serious commentary and amusing anecdotes about the risks and rewards of the business side of theater and dance, some of the personalities who were part of those worlds from the 1940s to the 1990s, her own motivation for being an impresario, and her personal life. Her narration is supported by more than 250 captivating historical and modern images going back to her birth in 1922.

 Representing artists and companies abroad from a vast array of talent in the performing arts of the time – including The Alvin Ailey Dance Company, The Living Theatre, and The Swingle Singers – this unique woman became a prolific producer of more than 100 different types of theatrical programs from the world of dance, music, mime, cabaret, and drama.’

Have a wonderful week everyone. It’s the last week of the summer holidays and a bank holiday weekend. What have you got planned? I have a pretty quiet week ahead once again in preparation for the start of the new term. I do however have a picnic lunch date with my friend Rose where I am planning on making some yummy salads and dips. I will also be meeting my friend Serena’s new cat, Sidney who she is re-homing which is very exciting.

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Photo credit: Thank you Angel Wade Photography for the Cakeadoodledo images.

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